Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wade Boggs

I was really excited to get this one in the mail today!  I had tried getting Hall of Famer Wade Boggs to sign before on a blank 3x5 card with no success. Baseball cards apparently did the trick!

Boggs was a great player for three American League East teams - Yanks, Sox, and Rays. He was always known for his high average.  He was instrumental (or so the story goes...) in changing the way that teams are assigned to players when they are inducted.

Boggs signed BOTH cards I sent him, meaning I have an extra one to trade!  

Thanks Mr. Boggs!  This one ends up being number 20 in my collection.

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  1. Good luck in completing your collection. You might be interested in this post I started last year.


    I update it each year.