Saturday, July 13, 2013

Orlando Cepeda

Hall of Famer Orlando Cepeda was the last player's signature I added to my collection at the 2013 All Star FanFest.  To say he had a colorful career would be putting it lightly.  He played for several teams, spent time in prison on drug charges, and eventually was elected to the Hall by the Veterans Committee.  

Despite a bit of a shaky signature in blue pen, this was a nice one to add to my collection. 

Fergie Jenkins

Update from the original post: I made a big trade which included sending the Jenkins book, and in part of the return I ended up with a Jenkins autograph on a baseball card. This works much better for me because I can display this card in the ring binder where I keep all my autographs. I'm sad to see the Jenkins book go, but the deal was too good to pass up!

Hall of Fame pitcher Fergie Jenkins was supposed to sign today at the MLB All Star FanFest, but he canceled that appointment.  Fortunately he signed yesterday, and a memorabilia stand had a few of his books on hand for a reasonable price.  I picked one up to add to my collection.

I'm still making my way through this biography, but beyond his record-setting seasons, he is notable for being the first (and still only) Canadian-born Hall of Famer enshrined in Cooperstown, AND he also played for the Harlem Globetrotters during the offseason!

Rollie Fingers

Hall of fame pitcher Rollie Fingers was on hand at this year's MLB All Star FanFest - handlebar mustache and all.  I stood in line for a few hours, and was able to get him to sign in blue marker (I think?) on a 3x5 note card.  

Mr. Fingers played for those flashy Oakland A's teams, and his crazy facial hair fit right in with the bright yellow and green 70s uniforms.  It was nice to get this one a few years after getting an unsuccessful return in the mail from him.  Even nicer to save the $10.

MLB All Star FanFest

I experienced one of baseball's annual traditions today - the All Star Game FanFest. Part carnival, part MLB exhibition, this week-long event can be a gold mine for autograph seekers. Today's list included a handful of Hall of Famers. I will post the ones I got.