Monday, April 11, 2011

Roberto Alomar

I was so happy to get this autograph today.  First, it has been almost five months since I last received an autograph request in the mail, and second this autograph is from a former Toronto Blue Jay and one of my favorite players while I was growing up.

Roberto Alomar was an All-Star second baseman and certainly a fan favorite in Toronto.  He is set to be inducted this summer along with Bert Blyleven and another member of the Blue Jays family, general manager Pat Gillick.  Alomar will be the first player inducted as a Toronto Blue Jay, and has recently signed on in the front office with his former team.

Alomar was nice enough to return a baseball card (which I did not send him) signed in black sharpie.  I originally thought it wasn't real, but on closer inspection it appears to be an actual signature.  I originally sent an autograph request to Alomar's home address, but never got anything back.  After the announcement that he was being inducted, I sent a request to the Baseball Hall of Fame address, and almost 100 days later, got the response I was hoping for.