Thursday, November 11, 2010

Toronto Blue Jays in the Hall of Fame

I grew up near Toronto, Ontario, and at the age of 9, the Blue Jays won back to back World World Championships.  It was in that moment that my passion for baseball, and for the Toronto Blue Jays, was really born.

Currently the Blue Jays have zero Hall of Fame inductees who entered the Hall affiliated with the Blue Jays.  Hopefully Roberto Alomar will change that when the Baseball Writers Association smartens up and elects him in his second year of eligibility.

There are four players in the Hall of Fame who played for the Toronto Blue Jays but were inducted under other Major League teams -

Rickey Henderson
Dave Winfield
Paul Molitor
Phil Niekro

Three of them were crucial in the Blue Jay's championship seasons.  Unfortunately, I do not currently have an autograph from ANY of these players.  The closest I came was at last summer's All Star Fan Festival.  Henderson was signing there (amidst angry complaints from those in line when he refused to sign baseballs or memorabilia AND stayed on his cell phone the ENTIRE time he was signing), but the line was far too long by the time we figured out where he was signing.

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