Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bob Feller signing at Spring Training

I thought it might be interesting to give you some background on one of my Hall of Fame autographs in the current dry spell of collecting.

The very first success post on this blog is for the first Hall of Fame autograph I obtained - that of Mr. Bob Feller.  I got his signature well before I had even the slightest inkling of starting this crazy project.  My aunt (a die-hard Cleveland Indians fan) and I went to spring training a few years ago and caught several Indians games in Arizona. 

Mr. Feller has been a mainstay at those games.  He sets up a folding table down the third base line and signs pre-selected photos during the game for $15, or something like that.  You can't bring your own item - such as a baseball, book, or customized photo - only the ones he has on the table. 

He was my grandfather's favorite player, and a Hall of Famer, so I decided to stand in line and get his autograph on this classy old photo of him throwing in the 1948 World Series (sadly, this was the last time Cleveland won a World Series).

Oh, and he has a funny look on his face in the above photo, because he was eating a hot dog while signing for me.


  1. I got Feller's autograph in 2004 at a charity softball game. He didn't have any restrictions then on what he would sign, he signed a baseball for me on the sweet spot. He was very kind to be out there signing so many autographs for everyone.

    I got a similar pic of Feller and of the ball in my baseball autograph blog - http://mybaseballautographs.blogspot.com/2010/11/bob-feller-autograph-legends-night.html

  2. Very cool, and great blog, by the way!

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