Thursday, October 14, 2010


It has been a slow stretch.  No mail related to my autograph collection - neither good, nor bad - for over a week.  That means it must be time to give you an update of where things stand...

67 living Hall of Famers

13 autographs from living Hall of Famers

9 unsuccessful returns (including 3 "return to sender") (note: this includes a copied Hank Aaron)

28 requests still waiting for a return

12 not mailed because they are known to charge for an autograph

4 players with no known address (Kiner, McCovey, F. Robinson, O. Smith)

1 player who is known to not sign through the mail (Yastrzemski) (you may remember that in my last update I listed Ripken and Brett here.  I sent them both a letter, receiving a negative response from Ripken, and nothing yet from Brett).

0 players to whom I have not yet sent a request (16 if you count those without an address, and who charge to sign through the mail)

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