Friday, October 1, 2010

Failure #8: Jim Bunning

I didn't know what to expect from Senator Bunning.  Yes, you read that right.  Hall of Fame pitcher, Jim Bunning is a US Senator from the state of Kentucky.  I figured he might at the very least send a political photo with a stamped signature on it. 

But alas, like many former baseball players, Jim Bunning is too busy.  He might be the one guy who actually has a clear reason for why he is too busy - or at least a good excuse.

Quite fascinating to note is the postmark on this return envelope (see photo on right).  Do you see what I'm seeing?  Cincinnati, Ohio.  Bunning is a politician in Kentucky.  Yes, I know Cincinnati is right across the river, but why would the mail be stamped and processed there, unless he (or whoever sorts his mail) sent it from Ohio?  Very strange indeed.


  1. I don't find it that surprising... send a letter from Harrisonburg and it will have a Charlottesville departure stamp.

  2. Oh, so maybe there are just centralized mailing centers that handle the area. But in a different state? Interesting.

  3. Ben,

    Have you sent back to him at his Southport, KY home address? He was just preparing to leave office when you sent last time. But he is retired now and signing everything for free and even adding an inscription if you want one. Just passing the info along.