Friday, May 26, 2017

Non HoF Autographs: John Olerud, Candy Maldonado & Ernie Whitt

A few months back I decided to try and get signatures for every card in this set of McDonald's/Donruss baseball cards from the early 90s. It depicts great moments from the Blue Jays history leading up to their 1992 World Series Championship.

I got two of these cards through a direct response from the player - both Ernie Whitt and John Olerud signed what I sent them, and Olerud even sent back one of his own personalized cards. The Candy Maldonado was a reasonable find on eBay. I had sent him this card back in the fall but never heard back from him. 

I'm up to 13 autographed cards from the 36 card set. One third of the way there!

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