Friday, June 3, 2016

Red Schoendienst

If you've been following this blog from the beginning you may remember that I once attempted to get Mr. Schoendienst to sign through the mail, but my envelope was returned with a suspicious looking Return to Sender on the outside. I noticed that Schoendienst has still been signing through the mail - but he'll often return your letter if you have a return address listed. It also helps (apparently) to include a small donation and to write "Donation Enclosed" on your envelope.

Well, I tried those steps a few weeks ago, and got a successful return in the mail! I'm kicking myself for not trying those things sooner. It has been over two years since my last successful autograph through the mail - way back in February of 2014 I got a return from La Russa, another Cardinals manager.

Red Schoendienst was an incredible infielder and then manager for the St. Louis Cardinals. He is 93 and the second oldest living Hall of Famer. I'm really happy to get this signature for my collection. He chose to return my small donation and my personal letter to him, and he chose to sign in blue pen on the lined side of the index card rather than the blank side (but that's just fine in my opinion). 

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