Friday, April 12, 2013

Tommy Lasorda

Update from the original post: I made a big trade and ended up with a nicer Tommy Lasorda autograph - on the unlined side of a 3x5, and without the "To Mark" personalization. This works much better for me, and now I have an extra Lasorda autograph to trade or sell (hopefully to someone named Mark!)

My final purchase from Randy's Sportscards in Quakertown, was this blue pen autographed index card from Dodger bleeding-heart, Tommy Lasorda.

I met Tommy at a Dodger community event one time and had been lamenting that I never got his autograph while we lived in Pasadena. This is a nice consolation prize - even if it is personalized to someone named Mark. I've tried a few times to land his autograph through the mail with no success.

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